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Human resources

The personnel

Human recourses are the major success factor in the entrepreneurial, economic and social environment. We believe in people and we invest in them, in their knowledge, their skills and attitudes. Experts, highly educated executives, administrative and helping staff compose our team and collaborate in order to achieve excellent outcomes at the most demanding projects. With a high level of commitment they have brought Olympic Training to a leading position among vocational training institutions in Greece.

We support our people in their efforts towards continuous personal and professional development by:

  • Organizing seminars and workshops for our staff.
  • Encouraging and supporting the initiatives of individual executives to participate in conferences, research projects and training (seminars, postgraduate programs).
  • Fostering collaboration and teamwork.
  • Implementing incentives policy.
  • Promoting the collaboration of our staff with Greek and European academic research institutions, and top adult education experts.

The trainers

The trainers collaborating with Olympic Training are certified adult trainers with extensive experience in their field. Through internal evaluation procedures the company manages to maintain the high standards of its trainers and the educational services provided. The trainers are kept well informed about the developments in their fields of expertise and in educational issues, by participating in conferences, attending seminars and postgraduate programs.

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